On Thursday 8 July 2021, SA Cities Networked (SACN) launched the four #GoodHoodStories videos on YouTube.

Two of these #GoodHoodStories focus on JCP projects; the Urban Agriculture Initiative and the Walkable Network (from 4mins30 as part of the focus on non motorised transport).


Earlier in the year, SA Cities Network put together a list of 34 Good Hood Stories showcasing innovative and creative ways in which individuals and organisations around South Africa were working in partnerships to address issues of transport, food security, homelessness, community development and so much more.

Of the 34 Good Hood Stories, the Urban Agriculture Initiative and Walkable Network were chosen by SA Cities Network as projects to showcase in four short videos.

The projects are described by SA Cities Network:

Urban Agriculture Initiative (Johannesburg)
Langa Bicycle Hub (Cape Town)
Helenvale SPUU (GQB)
Bellhaven Harm Reduction Centre (Durban)

Watch all four videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5ahUpcLGcncZxvLIJcRQYTQWLboQABwy

In October 2021, SA Cities Network submitted the #GoodHoodStories to the Better Cities Film Festival (USA) which resulted in Langa Bicycle Hub & Mzikhona Mgedle Mzikhona Mgedle being awarded the Better Transportation Award and the #GoodHoodStories series being awarded a new top award for Best Web Series.