Hillbrow Precinct Partnership

Stakeholders in the Hillbrow Precinct have come together to establish a volunteer partnership to explore a systematic and sustainable approach to address the challenges in the Hillbrow Precinct, in partnership with the CoJ’s relevant departments and entities.

Hillbrow is a vibrant and dynamic high-density neighbourhood of Johannesburg, home to multiple residential blocks and key institutions. However, over recent years the neighbourhood has seen a severe decline in the public environment and bylaw enforcement and faces the same wicked problems as the rest of the Inner City, such as crime, grime, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, poverty, a lack of inter-generational family structures and limited by-law enforcement.

The high levels of residential investment seen across the Inner City over the last number of years have not been accompanied by the required levels of investment in community facilities and the public realm, such as parks, libraries, schools, sports facilities, connected to living and working places by a network of walkable pathways. The situation in Hillbrow is no different.

Stakeholders hereby commit to collaborate towards inclusive solutions for the abovementioned challenges and those associated with the above.

Hillbrow Precinct Partnership stakeholders
Chairperson: Dalu Cele (Clean City SA) https://cleancity.org.za/
Deputy Chairperson: Shaun Steaton (Hillbrow Ekhaya Improvement District/ Urban Task Force) https://www.utf.co.za/

BRAAM Improvement District https://lovebraam.com/bid
City of Joburg (Inner City Office, JDA, CRUM Region F, Johannesburg Housing Company) https://www.joburg.org.za/
Fight with Insight http://www.fightwithinsight.co.za/web/index.asp
Gauteng Precinct Management Association (GPMA) https://www.gpma.co.za/
Hillbrow Boxing Club
Hillbrow Theatre https://outreachfoundation.co.za/wp/our-programmes/community-outreach/theatre/
Indluplace Properties https://www.indluplace.co.za/
Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP) https://www.jicp.org.za/
Johannesburg Property Owners and Managers Association (JPOMA) https://www.jpoma.co.za/
Jozi Housing https://jozihousing.co.za/
Kempston https://kempston.co.za/properties/
Lefika https://lefikalaphodiso.co.za/
Madulammoho Housing Association https://www.mh.org.za/
MES https://mes.org.za/
TUHF21 https://tuhf21.co.za/
Urban Space Management https://urbanspace.org.za/
Vuka Jozi http://www.vukajozi.co.za/
Windybrow Theatre https://markettheatre.co.za/windybrow/
Wits RHI https://www.wrhi.ac.za/
Zahavi https://www.zahavi.co.za/