History of the JICP

  • 1992 Central Johannesburg Partnership (CJP) established as a private limited company (as the result of an Inner City Strategic Workshop held in 1991.)
    – See also Neil Fraser – Passionate City Man
    – See also World Bank case study on Johannesburg
  • 1996 CJP transitions to a Section 21 organisation.
  • 1998 fund management of funding received from the Ford Foundation, Mott Foundation, Kellogg Foundation and Lotto for the Constitution Hill and Johannesburg Art1 & 2 City.
  • 2004 fund management of Property Owner Funding for High Court upgrade
  • 2009 fund management of Lotto Funding for Johannesburg Art City 3.
  • 2015 CJP name change to Johannesburg inner City Partnership (JICP) as a result of the Inner City Road Map.
  • 2016 Terms of Reference signed between the CoJ and the JICP.
  • 2017 Presentation: Taking the Partnership Forward
  • 2017 Presentation: JICP Strategy
  • 2018 Management of funding received from US Consulate for Makers Way Placemaking
  • 2018 Management of SEDA funding received for the Urban Agriculture Initiative
  • 2019 Management of British Council funding received for the Makers Valley Partnership.
  • The JICP is a non-profit company, with PBO status.