2020 Africa-France Summit; the Challenge of 1000

Are you involved in the development of entrepreneurship in Africa?
Do you have an innovative project with a positive impact?

The French Government will invite 1000 African entrepreneurs to Bordeaux to present their ideas at The City of Solutions, a show dedicated to projects and solutions for sustainable cities, being held during the Africa-France Summit on 4,5 and 6 June 2020.

The 7 themes to create solutions for the city of the future are;

  • Access to essential services:
    Safety, Resources, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Risk Management and Vulnerable Communities
  • Moving around the city:
    Transport Infrastructure, Mobility, Access, Sustainable Tourism
  • Feeding the city:
    Urban and Suburban Agriculture, Agribusiness, Shops, Restaurants
  • Living in the City:
    Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education and Training, Culture, Sports and Leisure Activities, Civil Society
  • Building and Enhancing the city:
    Architecture, Construction and buildings, Street Furniture, Green Areas, Parks and Gardens, Urban Art
  • Connecting the City:
    Digital, Innovation, Tech for Good
  • Financing and Structuring Projects:
    Donors and Foundations, Banks, Investment Funds, Consulting Firms, Insu
    reers and Legal Firms, Guidance, Technical Support, Project Management

    New Deadline for applications: 28 February 2020.
    Apply Now: digital-africa.co