Anglo American donates 45 Main Street building


On Friday 4 August, Anglo American donated 45 Main Street to The Maharishi Invincibility Institute

Press release:
Anglo American donates 45 Main Street building to Maharishi Invincibility Institute to foster youth
development and support Johannesburg’s urban renewal

Anglo American (“the company”) today handed over its iconic 45 Main Street building, which is situated
in the Johannesburg central business district (CBD), to the Maharishi Invincibility Institute (“the
Institute”), a leading non-profit private education institution dedicated to empowering underprivileged
youth in the inner city and surrounds.

The building, which forms part of the company’s former Johannesburg CBD Campus, will allow the
Institute to extend its impact, benefitting up to 3,000 youth – more than doubling the number of students
it can support. The Institute focuses on access to on-the-job training for students and actively works to
help graduates secure sustainable jobs at some of the country’s leading corporates. This model and the
support of The Institute’s long-standing partners translate to a tangible difference in the lives of talented
youth, helping elevate communities.

Education and training are integral to Anglo American’s Sustainable Mining Plan, which commits the
company to a holistic range of ambitious goals that are shaping how our stakeholders experience our
business. These include how we can best create Thriving Communities by focusing on better health,
education, and employment opportunities.

Furthermore, this initiative forms part of the Anglo American’s drive to play a meaningful role, along with
several public and private stakeholders, in the regeneration of the Johannesburg CBD.

Nolitha Fakude, Chairman of Anglo American’s Management Board, said: “We firmly believe that
Johannesburg’s inner-city regeneration hinges on nurturing the potential of its young people, who
represent the city’s future. The Maharishi Invincibility Institute has emerged as a driving force in paving
pathways to opportunities for thousands of young people in the inner city, and it fills us with great pride
to entrust them with the custodianship of the iconic 45 Main Street—a building that holds deep historical
significance in Johannesburg’s evolution.

“Looking beyond this, we are thrilled by the strides made in the last two years through collaborative
efforts with various stakeholders. Together, we have crafted a shared vision for Johannesburg’s renewal,
culminating in establishing the Johannesburg CBD Coalition—a platform where the Maharishi Invincibility
Institute also actively participates.

“This coalition serves as a powerful catalyst for change, fostering synergy among like-minded
organisations, pooling their collective expertise, resources, and insights to forge a cohesive and
actionable blueprint for the city’s rejuvenation.”

Since its inception in 2007, the Maharishi Invincibility Institute has offered critical skills training to over
19,000 youth – most of whom were young black women -boasting a 90+% job placement rate.

Dr Taddy Blecher, CEO of the Maharishi Invincibility Institute, said: “Our relationship with Anglo
American is longstanding and has evolved over the decades, growing from strength to strength. This is a
company that has always understood the importance of investing in the next generation and continues
to take its role in catalysing meaningful societal change very seriously.

“Through the donation of 45 Main Street, the Institute will continue to further its mission of developing
a new generation of competent leaders right here in Johannesburg’s inner-city.
We are deeply grateful to Anglo American for their long term and profound vision. Through our intense
focus on getting youth into quality jobs, based on scarce-skills development, and on doing this in a holistic
and sustainable way, we truly believe that if more companies, organisations, and the government come
together to tackle the city’s challenges, we can help secure a more productive future for all. By
entrenching ourselves in the CBD, we want to play a more active part in making the inner-city a more
attractive and safer place to live, work, and thrive.”

Anglo American continues to explore possibilities for the adaptive use of the rest of its historic
Johannesburg CBD Campus, with several potential partners and collaborators involved to help develop
the campus into a mixed-use and vibrant precinct.

Themba Mkhwanazi, Anglo American’s Regional Director for Africa and Australia, concluded:
“When we look at the immense challenges that cities like Johannesburg face, they often mirror the
challenges of our entire nation. As responsible corporate citizens, our duty goes beyond simply pointing
out problems; we must actively engage and contribute to the solutions. That’s the driving force behind
the formation of the Johannesburg CBD Coalition. All of its members wholeheartedly recognise the scale
of challenges that the inner city faces, including crime, inadequate infrastructure, rampant
unemployment, and limited socio-economic opportunities.
It’s truly inspiring to see the Maharishi Invincibility Institute and other organisations joining hands with
us, ready to roll up their sleeves and work together.

“We stand united, determined to bring about positive change in the heart of the inner-city and forging
partnerships for South Africa’s success so that we can collaboratively tackle the challenges that hinder
us. This collaboration is not just about uplifting the inner city but is equally focused on stimulating socioeconomic development and tackling the youth unemployment crisis. Together, we aim to create a better
future, where the inner-city becomes a safer, thriving, empowering place for all its residents – particularly
its young people – brimming with opportunities for growth and prosperity.”


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