Cartooning the Future Mural Project

The JICP was approached to assist with identifying a suitable wall for a mural which would be the culmination of a competition held by the Dutch organisation The Next Movement.

A series of workshops on the impact of cartoons, were hosted by The Cartoon Movement, with input by South African cartoonist Zapiro.

Participants at the virtual workshops were encouraged to “share your vision, ideas and hopes about the future we need.” (Mural Contest in Johannesburg)

These sketches were then turned into cartoons by professional cartoonist across the globe and from these cartoons, a winner and two runners up were chosen.

The sketch by Zaheer Sooliman was turned into a cartoon by Cuban cartoonist OSVAL which in turn inspired a mural by South African artist Ras Silas Motse.

The JICP identified the Downtown Music Hub as the perfect location for the mural and in one intense week the mural was created and launched on Thursday 11 November 2021.

This initiative formed part of a bigger program of events by the Dutch Embassy #COCREATESANL which aims to bring the sharpest minds from South Africa and the Netherlands together to develop Smart Solutions for Resilient Cities.

The project involved many moving parts and the JICP was so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring project.