City of Johannesburg appoints new City Manager

City of Johannesburg appoints new City Manager
27 October 2016

“I am pleased to announce that the Johannesburg City Council has today unanimously approved the appointment of Dr Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni as the new City Manager.

Council approved the appointment following a process that was initiated on 13 September 2016. A panel was convened and an exhaustive search began. This process focused on the legal requirements of the position, applicable managerial experience and ability to grasp the new administrations vision.

A number of excellent candidates emerged, however the panel was unanimous in their support of Dr Lukhwareni as the preferred candidate. This panel was constituted on the basis of legislation, which included the Executive Mayor, an external independent expert, the EFF Caucus Leader and an ACDP Councillor.

Dr Lukhwareni currently serves as the Deputy City Manager of the City of Tshwane responsible for service delivery and transformational management since 2012. Prior to this DrLukhwareni served as:

• Strategic Executive Director, City of Tshwane,

• Head of Department – Public Works and Infrastructure Services,

• Strategic Executive Officer – Energy and Electricity.

Lukhwareni has also held positions as an Executive at SAA and Chief Operations Engineer at ESKOM .

Dr Lukhwareni holds a BSc Electrical Engineering from the University of Durban Westville, a Doctorate in Business Leadership from UNISA and a Competence in Municipal Finance Management Program from the University of Pretoria’s School of Public Management and Administration.

During the process I was impressed by Dr Lukhwareni’s ability to grasp the project of delivering change to the people of Johannesburg. He possesses a keen mind, enormous experience and the ability to put our program of action into effect. He is true civil servant, and the right person to take forward our drive to professionalise the civil service.

Now that Council has approved Dr Lukhwareni’s appointment, we may now proceed to establish contact with him to arrange his appointment and starting date. I would like to put on record, once again, my appreciation for the outgoing City Manager, Mr Trevor Fowler.

His support during this transition has been invaluable and I will be forever grateful for his professionalism, commitment and expertise., I have every confidence in Dr Lukhwareni’s abilities and look forward to working with him as we run a City that will stop corruption, fast track service delivery and stimulate job creation for our people.”

Cllr Herman Mashaba, Executive Mayor, City of Joburg,