The Dung Beetle Project: Turning plastic into fuel

The Dung Beetle is a steel sculpture covering a plastic gasification system in the form of a busy Beetle pushing the Earth. This photogenic moving art piece changes single-use plastics into energy. Single-use plastics that before now never broke down, never bio-degraded and never went away – but the Beetle eats them for breakfast.

Real Dung Beetles take waste and turn it into something useful, doing a job that our worldwide ecosystem relies on.

In the press:

Recycling machine turns plastic into liquid fuel whilst creating jobs

A recycling machine invented in South Africa maybe the answer to getting rid of plastic from the environment. The Dung Beetle could be the solution to the problem.The machine turns plastic into gas and liquid fuel which can be used to power homes and vehicles, while also creating jobs. CGTN Julie Scheier has more.