Heritage Day Walk

As part of the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership’s (JICP) mission to activate the Walkable Network, the JICP collaborated with Sports for Social Change Network (SSCN) and hosted a Heritage Day walk from Chancellor House to Con Hill. The group was led by Griffin Shea from Bridge Books. Thanks to Bertrand van der Berg and Mark Straw from the Joburg Photowalkers for joining us and recording the walk.

Shadow Boxer by Marco Cianfanelli in front of Chancellor House (Photo: Bertrand van der Berg)

The Leaping Impala in front of Anglo American on Main Street (Photo: Katie Engelbrecht)

The Mapungubwe Gold Rhino replica on Main Street. (Photo: Mark Straw)

Gandhi statue on Gandhi Square (Photo: Mark Straw)

A quick break  in front of the basketball court in Ernest Oppenheimer park (Photo: Mark Straw)

Rissik Street Post Office (Photo: Mark Straw)

The Constitutional Court at Con Hill (Photo: Katie Engelbrecht)