JICP engagement with EM Phalatse & MMCs

The JICP, GPMA, JPOMA and FIRM met with Executive Mayor Mpho Phalatse and CoJ MMCs as part of the City’s commitment to work in partnership with the private sector.

David van Niekerk, JICP CEO, presented the key projects currently underway, as part of the JICPs drive to create a Clean, Safe and Welcoming Inner City for everyone.

A key feature of the morning’s proceedings was feedback from EM Phalatse and MMCs.

Reflecting on the engagement, David noted that, “even though the challenges facing the Inner City are very wicked indeed, we are happy to see that the City’s leaders are willing to engage. Coming out of today’s session, it would appear that the legislation governing local government is hampering effective partnerships and innovation. There is a huge need for legislation to provide for exceptions to the rule in cases where the private sector demonstrates that it is willing and able, and proper governance can be implemented.”

This engagement was the first in a number of future meetings planned with CoJ MMCs.