JICP requires the services of a Consultant/Service provider

The Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP) is looking for a consultant/service provider to carry out an assessment (mid – term and final evaluation) report for the Makers Way Project


The JICP has successfully backed urban renewal in a number of precincts around the Inner City,
including Braamfontein, Marshalltown, Fashion District and Bank City. We work with the Mayor’s
Office (Special Projects – Inner City Transformation), property developers, NGOs and faith-based
organisations. As part of its programmes, the JICP incubates projects that require financial
management, programme management, governance oversight and other related support. The JICP
has incubated the Makers Way Project, and the Makers Valley Partnership and as such provides,
financial management and governance oversight over these projects.

The Makers Valley Partnership is collaboratively building an identity for Makers Valley Joburg
(originally ‘Makers Precinct’) of making where experimenting is encouraged, barriers are overcome,
and makers work on practical and ‘glocal’ solutions towards urban renewal and greater community
well being. Makers Valley Partnership relies on truly diverse partnerships in everything they do. The
JICP received funding from the US Consulate for activities aimed at achieving the following goals:
Aiming to support the City of Joburg Inner City Transformation Roadmap Goals of 1) Clean and Safe, 2)
Productive and 3) Inclusive Inner City.

1) Build the collective: Strengthen local collaboration in the form of the Makers Valley
Partnership, supported by ‘glocal’ partnerships with Wits University (and other academic
institutions), the City of Joburg and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

2) Research: Identify strengths and challenges in Makers Valley.

3) Skills development: Partner experienced makers with aspiring makers (youth)

4) Local design: Focus the local makers-in-training partnerships on the problems, building on the

5) Prototype: Construct and test placemaking projects in a ‘corridor of solutions’ in Makers Valley
using local makers, including management plans for sustainability and broader area-based
management (ABM) interventions.

6) Manage: Ongoing ABM through Makers Valley Partnership, tied to placemaking projects.
These processes are strengthened through ongoing placemaking and incubation processes at the
three Makers Valley Hubs and Makers Markets, as well as partner emerging property entrepreneurs
project, 495 City.

The project commenced in October 2018, and will be completed in December 2020. The project is
implemented according to phases, with phase two having been completed in June 2019. Phase three
will commence in July 2019 and will be completed early in 2020.

The JICP requires the services of a Consultant/Service provider to carry out a mid-term and final
evaluation of the Makers Valley Project. The mid-term evaluation should commence on 01 July 2019
and should take no more than 20 calendar days.

The final evaluation will commence in July/ August 2020 (this date may be revisited with the
consultant/service provider and further advice provided).


The Consultant/Service Provider will work with a Steering Committee which includes the JICP and
representatives form the Makers Valley Partnership. The Consultant/Service Provider, will carry out
the following:
• Review project documentation including: the initial application, project reports (Phase, I, 2 and
3), and other available material from the community engagement sessions.

• Based on the document review and preliminary discussions with the Steering Committee,
develop a detailed framework and plan to complete the assessment. This must include
consideration of the following questions:
o whether the project is impacting the community.
o whether the project may be differently impacting on women, men, youth and disabled.

• Conduct the assessment- it is anticipated that this will include conversations with the JICP,
Coloured Cube, Community Stakeholders, individual/group interviews with the project
beneficiaries. The Steering Committee will establish the necessary contacts and ensure
gender equality in the selection of interviews.

• Review the initial findings with the Steering Committee. These should include both
observations and recommendations on how the project can be continued into another entity
within Makers Valley.

• Prepare a draft assessment report for comment by the Steering Committee. (report should
include lessons learn, challenges, recommendations for future projects and continuity)

• After review by the Steering Committee, complete a mid-term assessment report., which
should be completed by mid-August 2019.

• Dates for completion of the final reports will be determined at a later date in consultation
between the Steering Committee and the Consultant/Service Provider.


The ideal consultant/service provider will have the following qualifications:
• Experience in planning and executing assessments and evaluations of donor funded projects.
• Strong understanding of community initiatives that focus on placemaking and skills
development at community level.
• Strong English language repot writing and verbal communications skills.
• Strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills
• An understanding of the local language spoken within the beneficiary community.


It is expected that the total consulting time will be no more that 20 working days, for the mid-term
assessment and approximately 15 days for the final evaluation process. Payment will be made as
• 20% on signing of contract
• 30 % on completion of the draft mid-term assessment.
• 20% on commencement of the final evaluation
• 30% on completion of the final evaluation.

The work should start no later than 16 August 2019, and the final midterm report submitted by no
later than 31 July 2019. If interested in this consultancy, or if you require more information,
please contact Mpolai Nkopane, (JICP Special Projects Consultant) – mpolai@jicp.org.za.

The deadline for submission of applications, including a resume/profile, cover letter explaining your
interest and fee estimate is 28 June 2019

TOR – Midterm and Final Evalution for Makers WAy Project

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