Johannesburg Inner City Transport Masterplan

The Johannesburg Development Agency is appealing to Inner City stakeholders to assist in their efforts to collect information for the Inner City Traffic and Transport Master Plan.

The City of Johannesburg is reviewing the Inner City Traffic and Transport Masterplan. As part of this process they have been assessing key elements of non-motorised transport, traffic, public transport.

This data will be used to develop a transport model for the Inner City. The model would then need to test new initiatives (road closures, parking removal, additions) and new developments (residential, commercial, industrial, educational etc.) to understand their impact on transport and traffic in the Inner City. The JDA are requesting your assistance in collecting all information on these initiatives.

This is vital as the City will make key decisions for interventions in the Inner City based on the model. The City will review the outcomes of testing your intervention in the draft Transport Masterplan Document so this may assist you in making key decisions on your initiative.

The JDA would appreciate 5 minutes of your time in completing the survey at the following link:

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact
Nikki Pingo, Development Facilitation Manager, Johannesburg Development Agency.
Telephone: +27 11 688-7800