JPOMA letter to Executive Mayor Geoffrey Makhubo

On the 6 April 2020 JPOMA sent a proposal to The Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo.

The document proposes:

• Immediate reinstatement of the free lifeline supply of 6kl free water, with no availability charge for all, or at least for all poor households residing in high-density areas. Apart from the obvious need for water to survive, it is also vital for hygiene to combat the COVID-19 virus;
• At least a 50% reduction in sewer charges for the poor residing in high-density residential units;
• No increases in water and electricity charges, especially in the first two utility category/blocks;
• Rebates to property owners for administering utility charges on behalf of the city for approximately 60,000 inner-city units; and
• No increase in property rates in the current financial year.

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