The Makers Market

The Makers Market, hosted every first Sunday of each month from 10 am to late, is an event hosted in the Makers Valley. Developed and curated by Makers Valley Collective (MVC) a non-profit organization, the market will help build partnerships between residents, various local makers and maker-spaces in the area in the hopes of promoting co-creating in the Makers Valley.

The focus of the Makers Market, which is also what makes it unique, is co-creating and advocacy for voluntary participation in the various making activities on the day. Visitors can expect to participate in workshops, networking, site activation’s, live performances, exhibitions and tours to each of the Maker Hubs in the area.

The vision of the MVC is to partner with the residents, makers, businesses, property developers and local government by encouraging them to work together in making the area the best place to live, work and enjoy the ‘good life’ through well-being and co-creating. Using this Asset Based Community Development approach, MVC is able to collaborate with various makers, develop skills and bring a hype to the area through projects such as the Makers Market.

Date: 5 August 2018
Time: 10 am to late
Venue: The Coloured Cube, Skills Village, Ellis House, Victoria Yards and Spaza Art Gallery
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