Mayors First 100 Days Speech

“…I have been deeply invested in this plan since I have taken office. I have met with investors and developers in the Inner City.

I have found them dedicated and passionate, but left without support from the previous administration.

I have met investors with billions invested in the City, and with the potential to invest billions more who have to go to court just to get an electricity bill from the City.

These are the people with the balance sheets that can turn this City into a construction site within a matter of months.

They just need a government who can clean up the City and get the basics right.

They need a JMPD that can make it safer and enforce the by-laws.

They need a City that stops putting obstacles in their way, and rather open the doors to investment.

We are going to be that government. We are going to be the government that unlocks the door to the potential that our Inner City holds for our people.”


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