Mural Contest in Johannesburg

The JICP is assisting the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with an exciting, creative project. A call has been made for sketches that will be turned into a beautiful new mural in the city;

Citizens of South Africa,
The Next Movement invites you all to share your vision, ideas and hopes about the future we need.
Would you like to see your idea about the future in a professional cartoon? And would you like to see world famous cartoonists Zapiro unveil the mural in Joburg created based on YOUR idea that is co-created by street artist Ras Silas Motse?

Here’s how it works:

1. Do you think there are things that need to change? Sketch your ideas, hopes or vision about how you would like your future to look.

2. Upload your sketch at the South Africa project page on the website

3. All done! Now your sketch is visible to inspire professional cartoonists around the globe.

The Next Movement will let you know as soon as your sketch is turned into a cartoon.

Your idea might even become a mural in the city of Joburg. Co-created by street artist Ras Silas Motse and unveiled by cartoonist Zapiro!

* Do you feel like sharing your sketch on social media? Make sure to tag @thenextmovement_global and use the hashtags #cocreateMYCITY and #cartooningthefuture

This project is an initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with the City of Joburg.