Name Change: Chamber of Mines of South Africa to Minerals Council South Africa



In the press:

On 23 May 2018, the Chamber of Mines South Africa was formally renamed the Minerals Council South Africa (Minerals Council)  unveiling a new logo and brand identity. The decision to rename the organisation was taken by the Chamber of Mines Council in 2017 in line with their changing face, ethos and role.

The decision was not taken lightly and followed extensive research undertaken by a leading South African brand agency. While it was acknowledged that the Chamber of Mines has had a long history of contribution to the South African mining industry, it is also understood that there are negative associations with its past.

The Council was of the view that it was time to signal clearly that this industry is moving forward, building a new legacy and creating a future all South Africans can be proud of.

The Minerals Council understands a new logo will not create a new legacy. Rather, the logo is a symbol of the organisation and industry’s efforts and aspirations. In all that the Minerals Council does, they endeavour to represent and lead members in a way that reflects their vision and values. More than that, through their membership compact, they will hold members accountable to the commitments that the Minerals Council and their members have made.

The Chamber of Mines has become the Minerals Council South Africa (Minerals Council), a name which better reflects the work that the Minerals Council and their members now do. The former name conjures up images of early mining days. The role of the Minerals Council has expanded far beyond its original remit – they innovate, they are thought leaders and they challenge the status quo. The mining industry is about so much more than just the mining process.