New open and transparent tender system

A Joburg first – New open and transparent tender system
27 January 2017
Yesterday, Council for the City of Johannesburg passed a landmark amendment to the Supply Chain Management Policy, finally opening the way for a transparent tender procurement system.

For the first time in the City’s history, members of the public will be able to attend the tender adjudication hearings – this is a victory against the culture of corruption which was allowed to fester and it is a triumph for the residents of the City.For decades, decisions regarding the tender procurement process have been shrouded in secrecy; benefiting the elite of the previous administrations and their cronies at the expense of service delivery and the residents of this City.

This was tantamount to giving a fox keys to the hen house.

In the City’s 2015/16 Annual Report, which was tabled in Council yesterday, the Auditor-General made some shocking revelations:

• 32 officials failed to disclose their own interest or that of a close family member, partner or associate in contracts. These contracts were valued at R 308 836 314.00; and
• 80 suppliers were found to have submitted false declarations of interest to the amount of R 954 931 226.00.

These matters will be investigated further and disciplinary steps taken, based on the results of the investigations. However, this highlights the necessity of ensuring we have an open, transparent and fair tender process.

As from February, the Tender Adjudication Committee will now admit members of the public directly into their proceedings. These proceedings are a crucial stage at which a tender is assessed and adjudicated on its merits and awarded to the applicant best suited for the job.

Details about the first such sitting will be publicised on the City of Johannesburg’s notice boards and website. I encourage members of the public to seize this opportunity and become active participants in the good governance practices now embraced by the City.

For my administration, this is a yet another step towards bringing an end to acts of corruption, fraud and maladministration which have plagued the City and hindered economic development and job creation for years.

This also finally brings the City’s tender processing system in line with the spirit of Section 217 of the Constitution which requires that the procurement of goods or services by government must be in “…accordance with a system which is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective.”

At the nucleus of this administration’s approach is the promotion of transparent, accountable and responsive governance. A change from the past. This is what the voices of this City have demanded and that is what I am committed to delivering.

Local government must become orientated towards creating an environment that promotes economic growth and service delivery that provides opportunities and prosperity for all.

This administration is working tirelessly to do just that.

Cllr Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor
City of Joburg