Open Studios Joburg

In 2022, OpenStudios.Joburg welcomed more than 2000 visitors to the Inner City over two days. The event gave visitors access to over 100 working artists, in their natural habitat – the studio space.

In May 2023, OpenStudios.Joburg is back, with more artists and spaces for visitors to engage with. Come and celebrate Joburg as one of the world’s art cities, fuelled by a network of studio spaces throughout the inner city that give life daily to the city’s status as an art capital.

The 2023 edition of OpenStudios.Joburg will highlight even more art buildings, spaces or projects, across the historical CBD, where visitors will be invited to meet the artists, interact with the works, and enjoy a programme of exhibitions, walkabouts, performance and design.

OpenStudios.Joburg will take place over two days, Saturday 27 May and Sunday 28 May, with different studios being open on these two different days. Please make sure that you book for the days you wish to attend.

Saturday 27 May from 10:30am to 4pm

Bag Factory
Lilian Road Studios
Play Braamfontein
Rand Club & Bridge Books
Creative Uprising Hub @Transwerke

Sunday 28 May from 10:30am to 4pm

August House
Ellis House
Living Artists Emporium
Victoria Yards

In order to make this event as visitor friendly as possible, a shuttle service between the spaces will be provided to the public. There is parking available and from each building, guests will be able to access the shuttle service. The shuttles will move in loops around the studios with a shuttle being available every 15/20 minutes.

As part of OpenStudios.Joburg there is a shuttle service on both days that will allow you to seamlessly move between the spaces. Shuttles will arrive every 15-20 minutes and operate as a hop-on-hop-off shuttle. There will be 2 loops moving in opposite directions allowing you to go “backwards”

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