FIRM, JICP & CID Forum working together during crisis

Community Mailer _ Civil Unrest July 2021_

The Forum of Integrated Risk Mitigation (F.I.R.M.) in partnership with its corporate members and partners and in association with the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership and various City Improvement Districts from across Johannesburg, are working together tirelessly to monitor, verify and share information to ensure that resources are mobilised in the most effective way.

Information being gathered and assessed from a combination of CCTV, ground resources, and social media monitoring is utilised to assist in the effective response, planning and implementation of interventions on the ground. Including most critically, coordination with the SAPs, JMPD, and City of Johannesburg, which is paramount to restoring order to our streets.

Our priorities are to ensure wherever possible the safeguarding of 1. Lives, 2. Property, and 3. Continuity of operations and businesses which drive our country’s economy.

Although we appreciate the critical value in sharing information and intelligence, we do caution restraint in circulation of misinformation or panic mongering. We encourage communities to rely on their security service providers or community policing forums to verify and validate reports and information where possible.

We would further like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those on the front line from law enforcement, emergency response, private security, community organisations (both formal and informal) and health care workers who continue to provide essential care to those affected by the COVID pandemic.

During these unprecedented times of disorder and mayhem we encourage our communities and neighbours to remain calm, vigilant and hopeful.

If you would like to report any incidents, please contact the F.I.R.M. Intelligence Centre at 076 267 7285 or 084 649 4520 via Telegram or WhatsApp.