Webinar: A New Placemaking Agenda for African Cities

Topic: A New Placemaking Agenda for African Cities
Description: Placemaking is integral to ensure the quality of life of residents and to create a public realm that supports both formal and informal activities, needs and expressions. This session aims to explore various ways in which public spaces have been transformed, indirectly, through other means rather than an urban planning or urban design intervention. We intend to showcase examples where placemaking is the outcome, both unplanned or spontaneous (even surprising). We also hope to learn from these projects where placemaking is the outcome of an activation, built process, active community participation, or event, rather than a by-product of technical intervention. Our goal is to celebrate place-makers and public space champions working across the African continent through various lenses and processes. Through reflecting on each project, most of which are at the community scale, we hope to provoke similar action that could be applied be in different contexts. These stories provide hope for future creative idea generation around more effective public space provision and placemaking while allowing placemaking to be embedded more authentically into city life and city building.

Hosted by: Our Future Cities
Date/ Time: May 26, 2021 15h00 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
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