Regional Business Forums meeting with COJ

For many years there has been an active interface between the City of Joburg and business known as the Joburg Business Forum (JBF) which consisted of a plenary and a number of subcommittees. These are now being reformulated and restructured as the Regional Business Forums (RBF) to allow greater access to local business people to participate and engage with the city and its management regarding issues which are important for them to do business.

A key component of the restructuring is that the City of Joburg Department of Economic Development is establishing business forums in each of the Regions of the City.

The purpose of the Regional Business Forums (RBF) is to establish a structured interface between the City and business in the region with a view to addressing the particular needs and requirements of the participants in each of their respective regions.

The RBF representatives will then be participants in the Joburg Business Forum Plenary (JBF) to address metropolitan wide issues, plans and policies.

The Draft Framework for the Operation of the JBF which will provide you with greater detail and information.
Draft ToR (Google Docs)

Inaugural meetings are being arranged in the different regions as indicated on the schedule below provided by the Department:

Region D, Orlando Community Hall, 28th September 2018
Region B, Marks Park, 3 October 2018
Region G, Fine Town Lenasia (Regional Office), 4th October 2018
Region A, Midrand Fire Station, 5th October 2018
Region F, Museum Africa, 11th October 2018
Regions C and E, To be advised

Agenda (Google Docs)

For more information, please contact Bohlokoa Masai at COJ. 011 703 5507 / 083 571 5765

The JICP would like to strongly encourage everyone to become a participant in these business forums in order to be able to discuss and address issues that you as business people are concerned about and ideas and suggestions that you may have for solutions to the problems we face in Joburg.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Anne Steffny or Andrew Barker