SEF Partner Presentation: Sport for Social Change Network

Each month, partners present their work as part of the JICP’s Social Employment Fund programme.
In Round 2 of SEF, the JICP has been working with 10 partners on the ground.

Sport For Social Change Network Africa is a proudly African network that consists of 134 NGOs utilising the vehicle of sport for social change in communities.

Through their involvement in the JICP’s SEF programme , SSCN has partnered with Fight with Insight and Egoli Youth Empowerment.

SSCN also formed a partnership with the Doug Whitehead School to include people living with disabilities.

Their mission is to bring about change by empowering marginalized youth and promoting sustainability in the City of Joburg through Sports and food security / the importance of nutrition.

Through SEF, SSCN has been able to employ assistant coaches in schools across the Inner City, focusing on sports and recreation programs such as squash, chess, street racket, netball, boxing and athletics.

One of the beneficiaries of coaching made available through Egoli Squash (Egoli Youth Empowerment), Diodivine Mkhize, qualified to represent South Africa at the 2023 World Junior Championships in Australia.

Lesley Koloane from the Doug Whitehead school managed to save up to buy a sewing machine to start his own business, utilising the entrepreneurship skills taught as part of the SEF programme.

Nondumiso Luswazi also managed to save up enough money to help renovate her family’s home.

The general benefit of the SSCN coaching has been improved physical health and self-esteem, along with a safe and nurturing environment for children to spend time after school. Participating in team sports has also strengthened the community and coaches have seen an improvement in academic performance.