SEF Partner Presentation: Urban Space Management

Each month, partners present their work as part of the JICP’s Social Employment Fund programme.
In Round 2 of SEF, the JICP has been working with 10 partners.

Urban Space Management manages 13 City Improvement Districts and Precincts across the Johannesburg CBD. They offer supplementary and complementary services to those provided by the City of Joburg.

The objectives of USM

  • Creation and sustainability of cleaner and safer communities where residents can comfortably live, work and play.
  • Creating and sustaining thriving urban environments for businesses and investors to operate and invest long-term.
  • Creating places for tourist to experience the uniqueness of the City of Joburg.
  • Creating supporting communities for the purpose of social cohesion.

As part of the SEF programme USM employed 407 SEF participants across 19 localities to work within USM CIDs alongside full time Urban Rangers. Their roles included cleaning of public spaces, weeding and removal of illegal posters, repairing paving and reporting of municipal defects.

Locations of SEF participants:
Legae La Rona
Fashion Improvement District
Newtown Improvement District
Main Marshall Improvement District
Yeoville Improvement District
Hillbrow Ekhaya Improvement District
University of Johannesburg Precinct
Marshall Yards / City South Precinct
Fietas Precinct


Participants from each locality have received training through MES for Public safety in 2023.
▪ Fire safety and first aid training was provided to the 70% of the participants in 2023. This training will be resuming in April 2024 via COJ. All participants were given participation certificates.
▪ Participants will be receiving waste management training to commence in April 2024 through COJ.

Community Benefit

Feedback from the community in all the localities that SEF USM works in;
1. They feel safer walking in areas where SEF cleaners are present
2. In some areas the informal traders are assisting in cleaning up their own area instead of dumping on the next corner
3. Businesses and property owners have advised they see the immediate and long-term of SEF within the City.

SEF Stakeholders

USM has worked well with Pikitup who has provided refuse bags monthly.
Property owners across all 19 localities have provided SEF participants with storerooms, ablution facilities and spaces for lunch.