Social Employment Fund explained

As part of Phase Two of the Presidential Employment Stimulus, a Social Employment Fund (SEF) has been established. The JICP is taking on the role of Strategic Implementing Partner and will be making an application for funding on behalf of NGO’s operating in the Inner City. The deadline for applications is 8 December.

Kate Philip is the Programme Lead for the Presidential Employment Stimulus and has written a comprehensive opinion piece for the Daily Maverick on the intention of the SEF, which is “creating work that serves the common good”.

The article gives more insight into the intention of the fund:

“While the term “social employment” is new, its intention is to foreground the hard work already being done by civil society organisations to enable community-driven solutions to local problems. The work being undertaken takes many forms, from community safety initiatives to food kitchens, urban agriculture, early childhood development and the fight against gender-based violence. It enables dance, drama, public art, sport and the full gamut of activities needed to feed the soul even in the face of hunger and other deprivations.

What all of these forms of work share is that they serve the common good. At their best, they do so in ways that unlock local creativity and agency, building local participation and strengthening mutual support systems and resilience in communities.”

Read the Daily Maverick article HERE