Statement from the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership

Carnage and mob criminal, murderous actions render our society poorer and unproductive. They are likely to reverse South Africa and the continent’s social, political, and economic gains and strategic relationships. All leaders of our people, in all spheres and sectors, must rescue our damaged society from irretrievably sliding into a vicious circle.

We have and continue to actively listen and strive to seek practical and sustainable solutions for the benefit of all our partners in pursuit of inclusive socio-economic development. Our experience informs us that in this pursuit all law-abiding South Africans and immigrants are credible partners. We, therefore, value their constructive public and private relationships and contributions.

The Johannesburg Inner City Partnership supports all peace-making and reconstructive efforts involving government, civil society and business institutions in our midst.

We would like to appeal and ask all our partners to stand firm and resist the relentless and needless breaking down of legitimate authority as well as disregard of the country’s constitutional values, the law as well as public morality and civic responsibility.

We invite our partners to continue with the ongoing nation building projects. The sustaining of social and economic development for all in our cities is one of our urgent tasks. We therefore invite leaders and their followers to help find solutions, take more responsibility and be consciously accountable for their statements, actions and public duty.

Even though we understand some of the apparent sources and justifications of the current violent upheavals and criminality, we would nevertheless like to register our strongest condemnation thereof.

Ishmael Mkhabela
Chairperson: The Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP)
Mobile: +2782 770 3689