Support the Makers Valley Community Kitchens

Over the past few months, the Makers Valley Partnership (MVP) has dedicated their efforts to the pressing needs of their community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

From April 19th to July 1st 2020 Makers Valley Partnership (made up of a network of people, organisations and businesses) organised 31 Food Kitchen Days and served meals to 11 150 people at Victoria Yards.

Makers Valley Partnership has made the decision to shift towards a different, localised, and community-based approach sparked by conversations around a more long-term and sustainable solution, which is where they need your support.

Community Kitchens

The local Community Kitchens will cater for their immediate neighbours. This will allow MVP to ensure that the food support reaches those most in need as the community members know – and are accountable to – the people in their neighbourhood. All Community Kitchens will keep a record of their beneficiaries allowing MVP to better monitor and cross-check for duplicates.

MVP has identified five Community Kitchens, three of which require support with an initial ‘starter-pack’ of equipment, such as a gas stove, large cooking pots, and a gas supply.

See attached poster with the items and banking details if you are able to invest or would like to share with someone that may be able to.

MVP Community Kitchen Poster

The Makers Valley Partnership (MVP) Food Hub will continue to support these kitchens with the food donations received.