Sustainability: Eco-match adopts green principles to eliminate construction waste

The Nedbank Business Accelerator Campaign with 702 celebrates entrepreneurs who build the businesses that South Africa needs. 

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Business Accelerator finalist Eco-Match is a recycled concrete aggregate handler (RCA) that adopts green principles to eliminate construction waste.

Eco-Match finds environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ways to eliminate construction waste and create new recycled concrete material for the client to reuse.

Business growth specialist Pavlo Phitidis says Eco-Match has set itself apart in the crowded recycling space by creating a distinct specialty.

Eco-Match CEO Craig Allen says he saw an opportunity to address South Africa’s landfill shortage.

Our primary objective is to prevent concrete wastes and construction and demolition wastes from entering landfills.

— Craig Allen, CEO of Eco-Match

He says that the recycled concrete aggregate can compete with natural products and is far cheaper to produce.