The Makers Valley Partnership Names Thobile Chittenden Chief Executive Officer

The Makers Valley Partnership, a newly-established nonprofit organisation that supports the Making and Changemaking activities in the East of Johannesburg, announced the appointment of Thobile Chittenden as Chief Executive Officer.

Thobile is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in Social & Creative Entrepreneurship, as well as Non-Profit Organisations. Presently she is a Director at The Change Collective Africa which focuses on Purpose Projects. She has over 10 years’ experience in Youth marketing, managing educational and behavioural change programmes, from pre-school to tertiary learners, in a network of over 3000 institutions. More recently, she has been involved in the running of various creative organisations inspiring “Artvists” in the making.

Thobile is committed to developing creative and social entrepreneurship as a driving force for an empowered Jozi. She has joined The Makers Valley Partnership as it is sharpening its mission in forming meaningful partnerships in the neighbourhood. A key role for the team will be obtaining investment to accelerate community-led change. She will also be using her skillset from the creative and marketing sector to establish the Makers Valley Partnership Brand.

“Makers Valley Partnership is excited to welcome Thobile Chittenden as the new CEO. With her strong track record in social and creative enterprise, and her commitment to the inner city, including working in partnership with MVP on previous projects, she was the ideal candidate. We look forward to seeing how she takes the organisation to new heights in its support of initiatives enabling a wellbeing economy in Makers Valley!” said Simon Sizwe Mayson, Chairperson of The Makers Valley Partnership on behalf of himself and his fellow Board Members.

“It is a privilege to be able to join this incredible organisation,” said Thobile. “I’ve long admired the work and the extraordinary impact the Partnership has achieved, which I’ve experienced directly through our collaboration on the DICE programme by British Council. In addition to this however, I have always longed to see a Johannesburg that works. There is an undeniable spirit of innovation and an entrepreneurial optimism which I hope to tap into in order to enable growth in our neighbourhood.”

A product of South Africa’s past combined with individuals who care, Thobile was raised by more than one mother from different races, and brings this both personal and professional experience in diversity to the role. Thobile is also a dancer and wishes to reignite her Hip Hop Classes for Kids in the Valley in the near future.

About Makers Valley Partnership

Makers Valley Partnership (MVP) evolved from a loose formation of associates from the entrepreneurial, academic, and broad civil society sectors. Relationships were forged with relevant business and government partners, for example Victoria Yards, Nando’s, the City of Johannesburg, and associated organisations, including the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), and the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP).

MVP’s key purpose is to facilitate effective support for Makers Valley’s social and creative enterprise vision. The vision is that the entrepreneurial activities of the growing numbers of ‘Makers’ in the Valley produce livelihood opportunities, thus generating a localised form of sustainable creative economy. Cross-sectoral networking, partnerships and infrastructure development, together with attraction of financial investment are facilitated through the organisation.

Makers Valley Partnership recently registered under the Companies Act as a Non-Profit Company (NPC). Following an open nomination process facilitated by the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership, three directors have been appointed to the board of governance. These are Lusanda Netshitenzhe, Simon Sizwe Mayson and Siyabonga Stanly Ndlangamandla.

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