Update on Coronavirus

For the most up to date information on the Coronavirus go to the International SOS website https://pandemic.internationalsos.com/2019-ncov

The World Health Organisation just declared the Coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency because it could spread to countries that aren’t prepared.
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Commonly cited symptoms of 2019-nCoV

  • Respiratory symptoms like difficulty breathing
  • Coughing, sneezing, runny nose
  • Fever


1. All travel to Hubei Province and nonessential travel to China should be avoided. This particularly applies to individuals with compromised immune systems.
2. Re-check itineraries to confirm flight status, as numerous airlines worldwide have set specific restrictions, to, through, or from Beijing and Shanghai.
3. If travel to China is necessary, consult with your healthcare provider prior to travel. In addition, refrain from direct contact with animals, avoid animal markets, and exercise caution when consuming animal products; it is advised to not consume uncooked animal products. Travelers to China are advised to wear face masks.
4. Those traveling over the coming days are advised to practice medical vigilance while allotting for potential disruptions or delays at airports due to the intensified screening measures. Individuals who recently traveled to China should expect significant delays while transiting through airports.
5. Rinse hands with soap and water often, particularly prior to eating. Travel with an anti-bacterial liquid in case soap and water are unavailable.

MAX Security Special Report: Coronavirus Outbreak January 29 2020

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