Urban Heritage Strategies course

Urban Heritage Strategies (UHS) aims to develop a better understanding of the complex relationship between urban development and heritage management. The courses are developed by Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam in close cooperation with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. The curriculum draws upon the different IHS specialisations and the knowledge of experts of the Cultural Heritage Agency. UHS develops the capacity of participants in terms of knowledge and skills to perform urban management of heritage strategies for inner-city areas as well as having exchanged expertise and experience with fellow participants.

This year’s course is tailored to four countries: South Africa, Brazil, the United States of America and the Netherlands. These countries partner in knowledge exchange on heritage conservation. For that reason, the Dutch government provides a full tuition fee weaver for selected applicants from Brazil, the United States of America and the Netherlands. Candidates from South Africa are welcome to make use of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is a full scholarship opportunity.

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