WozaWork unable to continue

It is with sadness that we have to close out the WozaWork Programme at the end of November 24th, as the funding has run out. We had hoped to continue supporting the over 800 previously unemployed people, who will sadly be unemployed once again in a week’s time. Our intention was actually to employ 3000 people with the funds we should have received.

We had also hoped that we could continue making the Inner City streets cleaner and safer and that we could continue supporting Inner City businesses with digital shopping vouchers, which formed part of the participants’ wages.

Here is the video we made of the pilot project we ran with Makers Valley Partnership back in 2020, prior to receiving funding.

Thanks to the partnership team who made this smaller version of the project a success:
Urban Space Management NPC
Shoprite Financial Services
and our wonderful Johannesburg Inner City Partnership team;
Lerato Khiba Katie Engelbrecht

City of Johannesburg
Main Marshall Improvement District
Hillbrow Ekhaya Improvement District
Greater Maboneng Improvement District
Fashion Improvement District
Newtown Improvement District
Yeoville Improvement District
Leggae La Rona Improvement District