The JICP is focused on initiatives and projects that result is a Clean, Safe & Welcoming Inner City for all stakeholders through partnerships with the public sector, private sector, civil society and informal sector.

Current projects:

  • Adopt-a-spot
    Adopt-a-Spot is a partnership between government, civil society and the private sector that is aimed at:
    -The sustainable management and utilisation of empty, abandoned, under-managed, under-utilised and neglected public spaces by communities or the private sector for the social and economic well-being of citizens.
    -Optimising the adoption of public spaces by communities, area-based management initiatives and the private sector, in support of the Inner City Road Map.
  • City West
  • CoJ Data and GIS
  • Heritage and Public Art
    A number of projects are underway to protect Heritage assets in the Inner City and promote public art.
    The Heritage Register
    The Rissik Street Post Office Workshops
    The Story of Tshepo / The Downtown Music Hub Mural
  • Hillbrow Precinct Partnership
    A number of public and private stakeholders in the Hillbrow Precinct have come together to establish a volunteer partnership to explore a systematic and sustainable approach to address some of the challenges in the Hillbrow Precinct, in partnership with the CoJ’s relevant departments and entities, Gauteng Provincial Government and its relevant departments, and National Government and its relevant departments and SOEs.
  • Johannesburg Homelessness Network
    A task team to strengthen linkages between citizen volunteers, spheres of government, non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations and academics, aimed at addressing homelessness in Johannesburg in an inclusionary and sustainable manner through a systematic approach.
  • Social Employment Fund
    The JICP (through JICSEP) is a Strategic Implementing Partner (SIP) of the Social Employment Fund (SEF) working with 10 partners to create a total of 1385 work opportunities across the Inner City.
  • Tourism
  • Urban Agriculture Initiative
  • Village East Precinct Partnership
    A number of public and private stakeholders in the Village East Precinct have established a voluntary partnership to optimise investment opportunity. The vision of the Partnership is to fast-track the transformation of the precinct into a sustainable, vibrant, safe, walkable, inclusive mixed-use neighbourhood via the coordination of public and private precinct investment and management.
  • Walkable Network
    The Walkable Network is a partnership-based package of interventions that target streets and public spaces to create a clean, safe and welcoming Inner City experience. The focus of the initiative is improved walkability along streets and in other public places through various forms of placemaking, such as pedestrianisation, public art, street furniture, lighting, landscaping, signage, safety and cleanliness interventions through partnerships with public, private and civil society stakeholders from the property, design, security, waste management, academic, food production and other sectors. This project includes a Capex application component.
  • WozaWork
    The JICP received funding through the Presidential Employment Stimulus package for the rollout of an extensive Inner City job creation programme, known as WozaWork. The Programme provides job opportunities to registered volunteers, who earn digital credits via cellular phones to the value of tasks completed. The vouchers are redeemed for a range of goods and services at participating Inner City businesses, small businesses and NGO’s located within “5-minute” Inner City villages where the work is carried out.

Cross Border Shopping research
Gauteng Precinct Management Association David van Niekerk is a Director on the GPMA board.
Jozi Connect
Makers Valley Partnership