Clean City SA

Clean City SA is on a mission to address unemployment, food security and waste management across the Inner City of Johannesburg. By working with communities where they live, Clean City SA is changing residents’ attitudes towards littering.

As part of the Social Employment Fund, Clean City SA has identified 10 strategic locations to focus their efforts in the Inner City. The locations include the Metro Taxi Rank, St Marys Cathedral, Retail, Residential, Fashion and Textile Districts, Drill Hall, Joubert Park, High Court and Doornfontein.

In January, Clean City SA worked with Exotically Devine Pulse and the surrounding community members to clean up the landmark Drill Hall while finding sustainable ways to continue growing medicinal plants and creating food gardens in the Inner City.

Another successful initiative by Clean City SA is the #OneBagOneTrader pilot project, where informal traders along De Villiers Street, outside the St Mary’s Cathedral, have each been given their own refuse bag to reduce the amount of waste around their trading stalls. As the pilot project gains momentum, it is so encouraging to see the traders participating with enthusiasm.

(20 February 2023)