Dlala Nje

Dlala Nje was founded in October 2012 with the aim to challenge perceptions and to create opportunities in Hillbrow.

Dlala Nje has achieved this by running inner-city immersions and experiences in some of Joburg’s most misunderstood areas. The walking tours run by Dlala Nje provide one of the most authentic experiences of Hillbrow. The guides are locals from the area, who immerse visitors into the local community.

These immersions and walks have allowed Dlala Nje to build and run two community centres aimed at providing a safe learning environment for children and youth. Dlala Nje has built a space where kids get the chance to learn, to grow, to be safe, to develop friendships, whilst also being exposed to experiences that develop and challenge their worlds and their own perceptions.

As a partner in the Social Employment Fund programme, Dlala Nje is able to create work opportunities for the volunteers who assist in the community centre. They have also been able to set up a library in the youth centre, and train new tour guides who continually work to change visitors’ perceptions of Hillbrow.