SEF in the press

30 October 2023
OPINION: From austerity to prosperity: rethinking spending for growth
It is vital that we rethink government spending and realign our potential with the right resources
by Duma Gqubule, Kristal Duncan-Williams and Clotilde Angelucci for Business Live

11 October 2023
A social employment programme can strengthen inner city regeneration
SEF podcast with JICP CEO David van Niekerk

14 September 2023
Building a society that works: the growth case for public employment programmes
By Kate Philip for Business Live

7 September 2023
SEF Case Study: Uplifting the inner city (Gauteng)

28 July 2023
How South Africa created over one million meaningful jobs at the height of the pandemic
By Yogesh Hirdaramani (GovInsider)

11 July 2023
How can Johannesburg create inner-city jobs when COVID money ends?
By Kim Harrisberg, Context powered by the Thomson Reuters Foundation

30 June
Presidential Employment Stimulus restores Hillbrow
by Sihle Manda for

24-30 June 2023
Social impact unleashed: getting inner-city Joburg youth working (pg 18-19)
Daily Maverick Weekly Newspaper

15 June 2023
Creative Bureaucracy Festival – Berlin, Germany
One Million Jobs (and counting)
Kate Philip (Programme Lead: Presidential Employment Stimulus) gives a comprehensive review of Social Employment.

12 June 2023
SA The Good News
How The Johannesburg Inner City Is A Diamond In The Rough

9 June 2023
Presidential stimulus package gives life to Ponte City, Joburg residents
By Manyane Manyane for Sunday Independent

7 June 2023
JICP progress on the Social Employment Fund, highlighting the work of our 12 NGO partners to create just over 1622 work opportunities.

6 June 2023
This is where ‘fire and magic’ are born – the Joburg inner-city haven of hope united by basketball

1 June 2023
The Social Employment Fund says it’s been inundated with new applications for the new round of funding. The fund forms part of the Presidential stimulus package which President Cyril Ramaphosa launched in October 2020 to counteract Covid-19’s impact on the economy. The programme has created 65 000 part-time jobs. 28 organisations across the country have received support from the fund through the Industrial Development Corporation.

10 May 2023
SEF Safari 
On Wednesday 10 May, the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership (JICP) hosted representatives from The Presidency, the IDC, the DTIC, journalists and NGO partners on a tour of 11 out of 12 Social Employment Fund (SEF) projects currently underway.