Makers Valley Partnership

The Makers Valley Partnership’s SEF programme is referred to as #Partofmore which speaks to the fact that everyone involved is part of a greater effort to improve the quality of life in their respective communities.

Makers Valley Partnership has identified stakeholders in their community and is working with them to boost the outcomes of each project.

Timbuktu in the Valley provides activities during the day for children who aren’t yet in school, and homework help and skills development as part of the afterschool programme. There is also a soup kitchen to provide meals for the children in attendance.

Makers Valley Studio continues to be a resource hub by offering the community opportunities to upskill themselves through various workshops and short course as they work towards being financially secure.

Victoria Yards and the Makers Valley Farm have been preparing a site for planting. The knowledge of edible and medicinal plants growing throughout Victoria Yards will be transferred to the farm site.

Also assisting with food security is Sobae, an initiative that sources overripe and blemished fruit from local markets and turns it into delicious sorbet. The fight against food waste is central to their business. Participants are also helping at the weekly soup kitchen run by The People’s Pantry which utilises donations of food through various NGOs.

Love Our City Klean has been able to grow their initiatives by training more participants in recycling. This understanding of what can be recycled also helps with the weekly swap shop where members of the community swap their recycling for food, clothing, and other essentials.

Urban Rangers are keeping the area clean and tidy and maintaining the landscaping in the public space and Bertram’s Resident Movement are hard at work keeping the area safe.

Morning Star are assisting the elderly in the local Old Age Home. They provide ancillary support to the elderly from providing food, caring for the sickly and other occupational therapy assistance that is needed.