Urban Space Management

Urban Space Management is a company that manages the daily operations of City Improvement Districts in the Inner City. These improvement districts are funded by voluntary contributions from property owners concerned about urban decay.

Working with very tight budgets means that there is a limit to the impact an improvement district can have in the public space.

Through the Social Employment Fund, Urban Space Management has been able to recruit 324 people to boost their efforts on the ground.

The added resource of feet on the ground has not only meant that areas in the inner city are cleaner and better maintained, but it also means that people who were previously unemployed now have an opportunity to earn an income and learn new skills.

Where possible, SEF participants are able to complete small repairs to paving and unblock drains. Where the problem requires a larger intervention from the municipality, these issues are being reported to CoJ.

The response from residents who are living and working in these areas has been incredibly positive, after all an area that looks and feels well-managed and clean also feels friendlier and safer.