Village East Precinct Partnership

The Village East Precinct Partnership (VEPP) is a voluntary association of civil society, public and private sector stakeholders that wish to collaborate towards the socio-economic transformation of the Village East Precinct.


VEPP Constitution

JDA Public Environment Upgrades: Inner City Eastern Gateway – 10 point plan

Gandhi East Precinct Urban Development Framework “Village East” 2018-06-30 (Google docs)

2019_02_26 VEPP Inaugural Meeting Minutes

2019_03_29 VEPP Inaugural Governance Committee Meeting Minutes

2019_05_16 Project Oversight Committee No 1 Minutes

The Village East precinct is located in the South-Eastern sector of the Johannesburg Inner City. It includes Maboneng, the Northern part of City and Suburban and the Inner South-East quadrant of the Inner City and the Fashion District. The VEPP is aimed at inclusivity of stakeholders and projects in and around the precinct. The Map below is merely indicative and not intended to exclude stakeholders and projects outside the boundary.

Vision and Strategic Objectives
The vision of the Partnership is to fast-track the transformation of the precinct into a sustainable, vibrant, safe, walkable, inclusive mixed-use neighbourhood via the coordination of public and private precinct investment and management.

The vision will be achieved via the following strategic objectives:

  • To brand the precinct as a world-class destination, including the pedestrianised East-West routes and other relevant precinct elements.
  • To devise precinct investment strategy, planning and design, with a focus on the public realm, including the pedestrianisation of key routes and ground floor development activation (public & private). This will be informed by the JDA’s Gandhi Square East Urban Design Framework and other relevant planning and/or urban design documentation undertaken for the precinct or parts thereof.
  • To support the identification of catalytic project pipelines, with a focus on the public realm, social/community facilities and place sharing initiatives.
  • To support the sourcing and leveraging of sufficient project-based public & private funding & finance in order to bring about significant urban transformation, including public sector budgets and alternative funding mechanisms such as TIFs and PPPs.
  • To fast-track public & private project implementation, especially where delays are encountered.
  • To support the establishment of a pipeline of creative place-making and economic development projects that benefit the community, draws visitors and increases investment.
  • To optimise precinct boundaries in consultation with the Johannesburg CID Forum and CID members of the VEPP. To align urban management operations, including, but not limited to cleaning, safety & security, municipal service optimisation, community cohesion, inclusivity, social issues etc. with neighbouring communities/voluntary management initiatives. This will also include the alignment of urban management operations and VEPP capital projects, in order to achieve critical mass.
  • To lobby government on matters such as sustainable development controls, incentives and by-laws.


ABSA Precinct Association
Benzisa 20 CC
Chorus Letting
City of Johannesburg Inner City Office
City of Johannesburg Region F
City of Johannesburg City Transformation
City of Johannesburg Transport
City of Johannesburg City Parks
City of Johannesburg Community Development
City of Johannesburg Economic Development
Divercity Urban Property Fund
Fashion Improvement District
Ithemba Property
Johannesburg Development Agency
Johannesburg Roads Agency
Johannesburg Property Company
Johannesburg Property Owners and Managers Association (JPOMA)
Maboneng Civic Association
Main-Marshall Improvement District
New Doornfontein Improvement District
Urban Space Management
Vuka Jozi Properties
Zahavi EstatesNote: Various member applications pending

Project Submissions to the VEPP Project Oversight Committee (POC)

  • Projects may be submitted to the POC.
  • The POC provides advisory, coordination and facilitation to assist with submitted project plans. This includes the composition of project teams, project scope and integration with the VEPP vision and other VEPP and Inner City projects.
  • The POC provides assistance on project funding and connects project teams to appropriate CoJ departments and entities.

Catherine Deacon