The JICP has received funding for the rollout of an extensive Inner City job creation programme, known as WozaWork, which will commence in 2022.

The Programme provides job opportunities to registered volunteers, who earn digital credits via cellular phones to the value of tasks completed. The vouchers are redeemed for a range of goods and services at participating Inner City businesses, small businesses and NGO’s located in “5-minute” Inner City villages where the work is carried out.

WozaWork tasks carried out by volunteers could include the following:

• Urban management on a block-by-block basis by volunteer “Urban Rangers” along the Walkable Network (WN) and in other prioritised Inner City areas, such as unmanaged areas in between CIDs.
• Placemaking elements along the WN, such as landscaping, trees, lighting, street furniture, signage on the WN
• Placemaking activations along the WN, such as performing arts, sporting activities, public events
• Social volunteering, such as assisting at shelters, soup kitchens and youth programmes
• Undertaking data mapping via cell phone for CoJ, Government and Inner City research
• Block watch security services in hotspots on the Walkable Network and in other targeted Inner City areas